January 9, 2012

"I pour myself a big glass of wine and go to the living room, where I sit cross-legged in front of my small white wooden dollhouse that has green shutters and loads of perfect tiny furniture. I've had it since I was little and I've always messed around with it when I'm stressed out. Miniature things soothe me. So does wreaking havoc on the small Tinkertoy family that lives inside. Right now the scenario is rather spicy. While the kids are asleep in their tiny respective rooms and the little wife is in the kitchen standing mutely at the refrigerator, the little husband is lying down stiffly on the living room couch with a big, nude splayed-leg Barbie on top of him.

I sip my wine and move the family around, giving them new emergencies to handle. A plastic dinosaur peering in through an upstairs window, a miniature space alien walking through the front door with his laser gun drawn, a Christmas ornament Bambi grazing on the small AstroTurf lawn outside the window. It's a form of art therapy."

Heather McElhatton

Source: Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Single

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